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Javelin is the best payments platform for online companies. We handle billions of euro in card transactions every year.


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Javelin builds the most powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce at scale. Whether you’re creating a marketplace service or a high volume e-commerce store, Javelin helps you create the best payment experience for your users. 


We help power Billions of euro in transactions across multiple sectors every year. From Apple Pay to Google, building on Javelin means you get early access to the latest technologies.


We help join together the core elements required to build online companies at scale.  Javelin product methodology will help you develop websites and apps that accept payments anytime, anywhere.


Unlock more value from payments

From e-commerce stores to high volume marketplaces, we offer a complete solution for all your payments needs across channels. Our average price per transaction is the most competitive in the market.  Pricing depends on your volume of transactions. The more transactions, the lower the rate.




Javelin was launched in 2022 with the vision helping companies to monetise their payments in a simple and accessible way. Today, our service helps millions of people and businesses access services and capture payment revenue that was normally lost.


We believe that product is at the heart of all things payments.  Javelin's unique approach to product and payments will help identify opportunities where your business can grow. 


Javelin primarily offers payment processing software for both individual businesses and marketplace solutions.  Our team are highly skilled in application & product development for e-commerce websites and mobile applications.



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Gavan Walsh

Founder, CEO at iCabbi

“Javelin have been fantastic for iCabbi.  Their team took on our product and payments infrastructure and we have not looked back since.”


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